I want to completely isolate myself. There is absolutely no reason for this to be an unhealthy desire. All constructs taught to you about loneliness is mostly bullshit as there are lots of exceptions in how people react to being alone or with limited companionship. I dont want to associate with people who lack emotional depth and compassion and who do not express the same unconditional acceptance in regards to identity that I have for literally everyone. Unfortunately there are far too many people who dont share the same ideals as me and therefore I’m constantly feeling as though I’m misunderstood. Its a childish thing to say but l cant find any other solution to fix how I’ve been feeling towards socializing. I only wish to interact with people who truly understand. I am safe from these feelings I get when I surround myself with things I enjoy. Like these pictures. Everything will be safe and sweet and kind as long as I have this piece of the web, and if I keep those who understand very close to me.

Here you will find a large archive of images, writing, and videos. I have created this corner of the internet to keep everything that is significant to me safe and sound. All of the content here has meaning to me and i want people to understand the extent at which these things matter to me, and understand the purpose they have given me. Please look around as I have put a lot of effort into filling this site with things I enjoy and value.

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